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Life as of Now

Place for us teens to chillax...
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Look I hate making rules but sometimes you gots to do it...

1.DON'T SPAM! If you start advertising stuff on here i'm gonna have to start taking you off of our community. No promoting your website or your community or whatever...It's just a waste of our space. I get tired of having to check entries I shouldn't need to check.
2.If you have a really long entry or an entry with more than ONE picture you MUST put it under and lj-cut (if you don't know how read the faq's). We don't need to fill up people's friends lists. I get complaints that way.
3.I suppose you hafta be a teenager when you join the community. I don't like making an age range but I don't want people to think teen just means 14-16 years of age. Think 15-25...that's a nice lil age range. Maybe a lil older or younger but that 10 year span makes for a nice group of people.
4.THE LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!!...Respect everyone in here. If you have a suggestion...suggest it. If you have an opinion...express it. You can agree or disagree with a persons opinion but DON'T PUT ANYBODY DOWN! Have some respect for other members.

That about covers it. I kept it short as I could. I hate rules.

We've got 21 questions we'd like you to answer if you join. You don't HAVE to it's just appreciated...use an lj-cut please :-)

3.5 Bands you love:
4.2 Bands you hate:
5.Cd's or Vinyl (assuming you could have and listen to both):
6.Favorite article of clothing (explain why):
7.3 Movies you love:
8.2 Movies you hate:
9.Favorite T.V. show:
10.Favorite sport:
11.Are you religious (explain):
12.Gay Marriage:
13.Bush, Karrie, or Nader (basically what you think of the gov. and explain):
15.Teenage love (is it possible or what?):
16.Do you have pets:
17.1% or skim:
18.Jelly or Fluff:
19.Do you beleive in Santa:
20.How you found this community (PS. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS CUZ WE ROCK!):
21.Post some pictures!!!! (if you want to :-P)

We'd also appreciate if you promote the community. Again this isn't one of the rules cuz we don't care if you don't promote this thing. It would just be nice to get lots of people and get a nice full community of people. We currently have over 30 members! We have a goal of 50 by Mid september! HELP US!!! If you wanna promote put THIS CODE in your entry...

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/teenagewastland"><*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/Pannadol/01bannerrequests/teenwasteland.jpg"><*/a>

(Make sure to delete the 3 *'s before posting or else it won't work!!!)



O yeah by the way your community moderators are...
thebolt and effigy_of_me
OUR Email is teenwastland@yahoo.com

Now in our community the moderators post a couple of things just for kicks and giggles.
*FIRST...we have our WEEKLY...thing. This is just anything thebolt finds funny or interesting that he wants to share with the community. We try to keep this related to current events to maybe start up some conversation.
*SECOND...we have the weekly theme brought to you by effigy_of_me. This is where for one week we ask you to post pictures about something. For example our first week our theme was "celebrity look alikes" and asked for members to post a pic of themselves and a celebrity they looked like...all in good fun ;-)
THIS WEEKS THEME IS (put pics if you can)

title or description

Ok so it's been brought to my attention that people want this community to grow and be active...(bastards)...so I SUPPOSE I'll work on it...hence there actually being an info page now. NORMALLY I wouldn't do this BUT if it's my community I spose I hafta follow rule number 3. I'm finally going to fix the colors of the community...maybe build some banners...do some promoting...work on the crap. Until i'm done this sign will be present (see the little man sittin at the computer in the sign...that would be me). SO if things go down for awhile and dont work or the posting/commenting in this community is going slow it's cuz i'm working on it.

Thank you for your time...:P...bleh...

Banner made by pannadol at 01bannerrequest