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The EMA's this year were awesome, but Tokio Hotel were by far the best thing :D They beat My Chemical romance, Fall Out Boy, and 30 Seconds to Mars. Is it any wonder why?
I discovered their music and found out I LOVE this music. Plus the boy's german accents
are so cute ^^

Tokio Hotel also led the sexiest performance of the night! Check out the vid:

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First let me introduce myself. My name is Emma and basically I’m here is for a little bit of inspiration. I’m 19 years old and going to Vancouver Film School in October. I went to an all girls private school for my high school, which was different.
Now the reason I’m here, I’m currently working on writing a script. It’s in its very beginning stages and just working with a general idea. My idea is a movie about being a teenager. So you’re probably thinking, wait wasn’t mean girls already done. This isn’t going to be that kind of movie, I want to take real life stories of teenagers dealing with school, friends, parents, relationships, drugs and alcohol typically in the older age group(juniors and seniors). I’m hoping my movie will be similar to something like Thirteen, or even Elephant (without the whole shooting). As I said before I went to a private all girls’ school, very different to any public school in North America so I’m here to ask for maybe stories, or ideas on things I should focus on.
I would love to base my script on real stories but obviously change the characters slightly to fit the story. So please, send me an email (stars_nmixtapes_x@yahoo.com), I will change names so there’s no issues with security etc. And I will credit your help.

meeee!, meee!

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Is it bad that I have absolutely no direction in life? If I want to be something outrageous when I get a job? I wish I was on that show Project Runway.....

Or a Rockette....or would that just spiral me into weight watching hell?
meeee!, meee!

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Hi...My name is meghan and Im totally new to the whole live journal thing.I really like it and I was looking for some communities to join and I like this one...thanx for letting me join.

1.Name: Meghan
2.Age: 18
3.5 Bands you love: Bush, Sublime, and Tom Petty
4.2 Bands you hate: I cant stand Dashboard...screaming really isnt my thing
5.Cd's or Vinyl (assuming you could have and listen to both):
6.Favorite article of clothing (explain why): my PennState sweatpants...sooooo comfy
7.3 Movies you love: Good Will Hunting and Aladin
8.2 Movies you hate: I dont hate any film...my life surrounds it
9.Favorite T.V. show: The O.C.
10.Favorite sport: Im a big trackie
11.Are you religious (explain): Yes..I went on Emmaus...I cant not love God
12.Gay Marriage: LOVE IT! Gay couples are so sweet to each other
13.Bush, Karrie, or Nader (basically what you think of the gov. and explain): They are all idiots
14.Vegan/Vegetarianism: neither...gotta say I love my iron
15.Teenage love (is it possible or what?): I think it is and I dont think anyone should tell you whether
or not you are capable of love at a certain age
16.Do you have pets: yes...2 dogs, 4 cats and a crapload of fish
17.1% or skim: skim
18.Jelly or Fluff: jelly...fluff is too messy for me
19.Do you beleive in Santa: Not anymore...thanx to my maniacal Grandma
20.How you found this community (PS. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS CUZ WE ROCK!): I was looking on common
interests...also, that song reminds me of the best weekend of my life
21.Post some pictures!!!! (if you want to :-P)I only have one right now....I have more but they are too
big apparently...so add me on msn or aim and you can see them

sorry, I know thats way long

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3.5 Bands you love:well i dont have many favorites but i love GC
4.2 Bands you hate:
5.Cd's or Vinyl (assuming you could have and listen to both): uhh CDs
6.Favorite article of clothing (explain why): underwear...all of my underwear their so cute.
7.3 Movies you love: The Grudge, Willow, Gone in 60 seconds
8.2 Movies you hate:
9.Favorite T.V. show: Passions!!
10.Favorite sport: To do...Cheerleading and volleyball...to Watch umm...footBall
11.Are you religious (explain):No I am not, and for many personal experiences
12.Gay Marriage: sure...just as long as they dont try anything with me why not?
13.Bush, Karrie, or Nader (basically what you think of the gov. and explain): dont really think about it
14.Vegan/Vegetarianism: not me
15.Teenage love (is it possible or what?): yeah, age shouldnt be a boundry for love
16.Do you have pets: yupp....3 dogs, a bunny, fish, and a kitten
17.1% or skim: 1%
18.Jelly or Fluff: Fluff all the way!
19.Do you beleive in Santa: Nah
20.How you found this community (PS. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS CUZ WE ROCK!): just surfing LJ

okay, well I'm new to this community, wanna know anything else ask me and I'm looking for new friends on LJ
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Crossposted; just a few questions i'd appreciate any response...

Do you want to be a teacher; why or why not?
Would you want to if it was a prestigious, high paying job?

How is cheating prevented in your school?
How do students get around it?
If you cheat, how different do you think your grades would be if you never cheated; for example, on an average assignment, how many points do you earn by cheating?

Would you rather move at your own pace or a pace set by teachers/curriculum?

If you could change something to make school more effective/fair/etc, what would you change?