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First let me introduce myself. My name is Emma and basically I’m here is for a little bit of inspiration. I’m 19 years old and going to Vancouver Film School in October. I went to an all girls private school for my high school, which was different.
Now the reason I’m here, I’m currently working on writing a script. It’s in its very beginning stages and just working with a general idea. My idea is a movie about being a teenager. So you’re probably thinking, wait wasn’t mean girls already done. This isn’t going to be that kind of movie, I want to take real life stories of teenagers dealing with school, friends, parents, relationships, drugs and alcohol typically in the older age group(juniors and seniors). I’m hoping my movie will be similar to something like Thirteen, or even Elephant (without the whole shooting). As I said before I went to a private all girls’ school, very different to any public school in North America so I’m here to ask for maybe stories, or ideas on things I should focus on.
I would love to base my script on real stories but obviously change the characters slightly to fit the story. So please, send me an email (stars_nmixtapes_x@yahoo.com), I will change names so there’s no issues with security etc. And I will credit your help.

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