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new kid

Hi...My name is meghan and Im totally new to the whole live journal thing.I really like it and I was looking for some communities to join and I like this one...thanx for letting me join.

1.Name: Meghan
2.Age: 18
3.5 Bands you love: Bush, Sublime, and Tom Petty
4.2 Bands you hate: I cant stand Dashboard...screaming really isnt my thing
5.Cd's or Vinyl (assuming you could have and listen to both):
6.Favorite article of clothing (explain why): my PennState sweatpants...sooooo comfy
7.3 Movies you love: Good Will Hunting and Aladin
8.2 Movies you hate: I dont hate any film...my life surrounds it
9.Favorite T.V. show: The O.C.
10.Favorite sport: Im a big trackie
11.Are you religious (explain): Yes..I went on Emmaus...I cant not love God
12.Gay Marriage: LOVE IT! Gay couples are so sweet to each other
13.Bush, Karrie, or Nader (basically what you think of the gov. and explain): They are all idiots
14.Vegan/Vegetarianism: neither...gotta say I love my iron
15.Teenage love (is it possible or what?): I think it is and I dont think anyone should tell you whether
or not you are capable of love at a certain age
16.Do you have pets: yes...2 dogs, 4 cats and a crapload of fish
17.1% or skim: skim
18.Jelly or Fluff: jelly...fluff is too messy for me
19.Do you beleive in Santa: Not anymore...thanx to my maniacal Grandma
20.How you found this community (PS. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS CUZ WE ROCK!): I was looking on common
interests...also, that song reminds me of the best weekend of my life
21.Post some pictures!!!! (if you want to :-P)I only have one right now....I have more but they are too
big apparently...so add me on msn or aim and you can see them

sorry, I know thats way long
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