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3.5 Bands you love:well i dont have many favorites but i love GC
4.2 Bands you hate:
5.Cd's or Vinyl (assuming you could have and listen to both): uhh CDs
6.Favorite article of clothing (explain why): underwear...all of my underwear their so cute.
7.3 Movies you love: The Grudge, Willow, Gone in 60 seconds
8.2 Movies you hate:
9.Favorite T.V. show: Passions!!
10.Favorite sport: To do...Cheerleading and volleyball...to Watch umm...footBall
11.Are you religious (explain):No I am not, and for many personal experiences
12.Gay Marriage: sure...just as long as they dont try anything with me why not?
13.Bush, Karrie, or Nader (basically what you think of the gov. and explain): dont really think about it
14.Vegan/Vegetarianism: not me
15.Teenage love (is it possible or what?): yeah, age shouldnt be a boundry for love
16.Do you have pets: yupp....3 dogs, a bunny, fish, and a kitten
17.1% or skim: 1%
18.Jelly or Fluff: Fluff all the way!
19.Do you beleive in Santa: Nah
20.How you found this community (PS. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS CUZ WE ROCK!): just surfing LJ

okay, well I'm new to this community, wanna know anything else ask me and I'm looking for new friends on LJ
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